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t new im〓petus into bilateral○ relations that ○meet the req〓uirements of ■the new era, Chines◆e State Coun

cilor〓 and Foreign Min●ister Wang〓 Yi said on 〓Monday.China, Japan ■to further promo●te cultural, people○-to-people ex●changesChina■, Japan to further ●promote cultural, 〓people-to-people e○xchanges11-2○6-2019 09:20 BJTTOKY

●O, Nov. 25 -- Chin●a and Japan ag〓reed to make gr〓eat progress in cu〓ltural and peo◆ple-to-

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people excha●nges and inject○ new impetus i●nto bilatera〓l relations that m〓eet the require


ment〓s of the new era●, Chinese Stat■e Councilor a●nd Foreign Mi◆nister Wang Yi sa■id here on Monday●.Wang made the rem〓arks while atte●nding a rec〓eption for Ch●ina-Japan pe○ople-to-people ●exchanges hosted◆ by the Chin〓ese embassy in■ Tokyo. Earl○ier on Monday, t〓he two countries lau●nched a high-○level consult●ation

mechani●sm on people-to-pe○ople exchan●ges.Wang sai■d that China and J●apan are neig?/p>

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bors with a ●long histor○y of exchanges of m○ore than 2,000 year○s. Thanks to the jo●int


effort■s of both sides,● cultural a◆nd people-to-people ●exchanges betw○een China an〓d Japan are gain◆ing new vitality●.The two peoples 〓have more frequent e■xchanges w■ith each other. The ◆number of visit◆s between Chi■nese and Japanese p●eople is expected● to reach 12 millio●n this year, equi〓valent to more ●than 30,000 daily be○tween the two● countries, Wan●g said. Back in 1●972 when bil〓ateral relations we●re normalized, the■ number was le●ss than 10,0〓00 for a year.Chines○e people see Jap●an as a popular● destination ○for oversea◆s travel. China◆ welcomes mo●re Japanese fr〓iends to visit di○fferent par◆ts of its vast l○and and feel the rap○id chan

ges tha○t are happ◆ening there, he ○said.Wang noted tha■t the mutua○l understanding b

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?about his o●wn experience f■rom never knowing○ China to fal●ling in love with t○he country●, expressing strong 〓desire and belief〓 in helping■ promote Chi●na-

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Japan fri●endship, Wang said●. President● Xi sent a repl◆y to him, hop〓ing that the you○th of the two coun●tries will make pos◆itive contributi〓ons to the brig◆ht future of b●ilateral relat●ions.Meanwhil○e, people-to●-people and● cultural exchan■ges between t〓he two countries〓 have become■ more colorful◆ with incre

ult◆ural and pe

●asing exchange●s of books, film○s and TV pr〓ograms, said Wang○. As Tokyo an■d Beijing will 〓host the Olympic G○ames next ye◆ar and the Wi◆nter Olympics in ◆2022 respectively◆, he called on ■the two sides● to strengthe〓n mutual s◆upport and coope●ration to ensure t〓he success of the ev◆ents.Wang stre〓ssed that t●o promote peo〓ple-to

-people exch■anges between China○ and Japan○, the two peoples ■are the real● protagonis○ts, and the loc〓al areas are broad ◆stag

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